Had an accident, not your fault? Call us first, before your insurance company!

Remember your rights if you have an accident you are entitled to: A and B. If the Accident wasn’t your fault you are entitled to A,B,C & D

A – Only one estimate is required
B – The choice of repairer is yours
C – You are entitled to a replacement vehicle whilst you are off the road
D – You are entitled to the recovery of uninsured losses including personal injury, inconvenience, loss of earnings and policy excess

Know your rights when it comes to accident repair:

Being involved in any kind of accident is always a scary occurrence, and the prospect of all of the paperwork that follows can significantly add to your worries. With that in mind it is often easy to just go with whatever you are told and follow standard processes in order to get your vehicle repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.

However, many people assume that your best option is to take your vehicle to the accident repairs centre recommended by your insurance company. This is not always the case, as many other insurance companies tend to direct policy holders to their own ‘approved’ repair centres. These repairers are from a network of companies chosen by the insurance company and it is highly likely that the reason these repairers have been chosen is because they offer the most cost effective solution for the insurance company, and not the best solution for you.

The quality of work or level of service that you receive may not be as important to them as their own financial gain. Some of these repairers may even have to use non-genuine parts as part of their agreement with the insurance company, which can invalidate your manufacturer warranty.


At Premier Vehicle Care we can guarantee the best service for your car, so don’t listen to the first thing your insurance company recommends for you, make your own choice.


Body shop

Our technicians are trained to the highest standard in their fields

The best technicians in the world are only as good as the equipment they have to work with, no expense is spared on tools and equipment in the workshops.

State of the art welding equipment (spot, mig, mig braze) because manufacturer’s are now using various high strength steels (Boron etc) in more vehicles to protect the occupants, without the correct welding equipment the vehicles cannot be repaired correctly or safely.

Manufacturer’s parts are always used, some insurers insist on cheap imitation parts, we always refuse (benefits of independence) as these would affect the warranty we can offer on our repairs.


Imitation parts do not always fit correctly, they do not have the same rust prevention and they invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. To straighten chassis after harder impacts requires exact measuring, that’s why we invested in Car-o-liner, our computer controlled chassis straightening system is second to none, and for lighter impacts we invested in the smaller quick pull systems also from Car-o-liner.


Recent EC regulations have changed the paint refinish industry, from Jan 2007 the solvent reduction directive has instructed this industry to reduce solvent emissions. All paint used on our premises are now under this directive. We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint.